Simon Kaufman is a 4th generation comedic actor tracing his roots back to vaudeville, Yiddish theater, and the early days of Broadway. It’s the family business. It’s pretty much in the blood. Simon went through extensive comedic academic training at an early age involving being kicked off and banned from the school bus in the 7th grade, expelled from the Seattle Hebrew Academy in the 8th grade, Expelled from Yeshiva high school in the 9thgrade, kicked out of overnight Jewish summer camp as well as Jewish temple day camp while solidifying his status as class clown and resident crack up. Simon set his middle school record for most consecutive days in detention with 16. A record Simon holds today.

Simon grew up in an orthodox Jewish home in an inner city neighborhood. Living in both these worlds has given rise to a very unique comedy style that America is falling in love with. Simon has performed and produced shows at Gotham Comedy Club in New York as well as the historic Ashford and Simpson Sugar bar on the upper West Side. Simon does a style of intelligent humor in a manner that anyone can laugh at and enjoy. His stand up has been featured twice on Comcast cable, and co hosted a comedy talk show on 1300 KKOL in Seattle for 2 years. He was also on the season 4 premier of Bravo TV’s Millionaire Matchmaker.




Millionaire Matchmaker Season 4 Episode 1 BRAVO Network
Stand Up Comedian Two Appearances Comcast on Demand

Comedy and Stand Up

Seattle Comedy Underground John Lovitz Universal City Walk Parlor Live Comedy Club
Banana’s Comedy Club Ha Comedy Club Comedy Store
Gotham Comedy Club Eastville Comedy Club Broadway Comedy Club
New York Comedy Club

Radio and Hosting

1300 KKOL Radio host “Shmooze Radio Seattle, WA Radio Host “N.P.R.” Los Angeles Radio Host “The Breaks” Los Angeles
Event Source NW: Emcee Sound Chemists Party Up Productions

Comedy Show Production

Performer & Producer – NY, NY
Ashford & Simpson Sugar Bar Laugh’s Comedy Club Gotham Comedy Club

Training and Education

The Rossi-Snyder Scene Study Intensive Theater Labs Complex Theater
Character Exploration Intensive Scene Study Leo Rossi
Audition for Film & Television Cold Reads/ Private Coach Stephen H. Snyder
Improvisation Improv 101 Upright Citizens Brigade NYC
Art of the Audition Roy Arias Studios Wendy McKenzie


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